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Arrow Wood Programming
Where Passion Meets Sport


The spirit of the camp comes from the communal love of athletics by campers of all ages.  The love of sport is philosophically different than being the mostly highly skilled or accomplished athlete. It means the sport develops a special meaning for an individual, with the potential to inspire a lifelong passion for the game.

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Our unique programming provides opportunities for kids to be exposed to a wide range of activities to create intentional discovery. Our sports curriculum includes specific instruction for core high school sports. At Arrow Wood exploratory activities revolve around the Waterfront, Outdoor Adventure, Digital Media and The Arts.

Core Sports

We believe that 90 minutes of hard work in the morning is what your child needs to improve their skills. After this sport-specific period, there’s the rest of the day to explore other sports and passions.  Our carefully selected sports directors create an age-appropriate summer curriculum that balances learning and fun. 

·       Basketball

·       Soccer

·       Tennis

·       Golf

·       Cross Country/Track

·       Lacrosse

·       Baseball/Softball

·       7 a Side/Flag Football

·       Field Hockey

The last period of the day will be a competitive block AKA Game Time!  It could be anything – a tennis match, a basketball game, 7-v-7 soccer, or a home run derby.


At our core, we believe the key to developing lifelong passions is best captured by our camp mantra, “Motivate, don’t mandate.” By following this guiding principle, we are giving the camp experience back to the campers and allowing kids to explore additional activities of most interest to them.


Waterfront – Sitting on 3000 feet of lake frontage, the waterfront and its activities are a big part of life at Arrow Wood. We offer swimming, sailing, kayaking, SUP, Waterskiing and more!

Outdoor Adventure – With 130 acres of land Arrow Wood has plenty to offer any outdoor enthusiast.  We offer Mountain Biking, A Ropes Course, Camping, Hiking and more!

Digital & Media Arts – When we thought about building a sports camp, we realized that no matter how awesome our campers are at sports, the odds say that they probably won't become professional athletes. The good news is that there are lots of other ways to be involved in the sports and entertainment world. At Arrow Wood we have created a program where our campers will be 'running' many aspects of the camp, such as video production, assistant coaching, analytics, social media, writing articles, and helping make new apparel.

The Arts – Even the worlds best athletes have other interests.  We encourage and foster creativity in the form of Creative arts, drama, music and more!

Non-Core Sports & Fun – Lawn Games, Cornhole, Ping-Pong, Gaga, Tetherball, Stickball are all part of Life at Arrow Wood! 

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